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Sports Medicine in Buffalo Grove IL

Sports Medicine Buffalo Grove IL
Sports Medicine Buffalo Grove IL

Our sports medicine in Buffalo Grove IL is focused on helping you to recover and maintain your readiness for the athletics that you engage in. Some of the concerns that Anthony Spitz, DPM, diagnoses and treats include heel pain, athlete’s foot, achilles tendonitis, blisters, corns, and calluses. These are ones that commonly affect athletes, whether professional, amateur, or occasional participants.

Heel pain it something that affects nearly everyone involved in sports at one time or other. The cause can be heel spurs, calcium deposits that form on the underside of your feet; or it may be due to plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the tissue that connects the back of your foot to the toes. In some cases, both are present at the same time. Achilles tendonitis occurs in that area just above the heel and below the ankle. Blisters, corns, and calluses, while all different, share one unique trait: they are all related to the effects of friction on your feet. What is undeniable is that all of these injuries and conditions have a direct impact on your ability to perform. They will either stop you from playing entirely, or at bare minimum, they will slow you down and make you far less effective than you would otherwise. Athlete’s foot is a little different. It is caused by fungus and is highly contagious. The itchiness and burning is uncomfortable. And while you may be able to play through it, athlete’s foot can cause serious complications for your foot health, including infections that may spread. Our sports medicine in Buffalo Grove IL begins with a physical examination of your foot, and in some cases the taking of x-rays. Only then can a treatment plan be outlined to combat the problem.

Contact our office right away when you are dealing with a foot problem. Our sports medicine in Buffalo Grove IL will have you back out there ready for action as quickly as possible.

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