Pediatric Foot Care in Wheeling

Pediatric Foot Care in Wheeling

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Flat feet in children in Wheeling

Foot health often goes overlooked, even if many of us are up and about on our feet all day. Experiencing things like chronic foot pain or suffering from an injury will certainly warrant a visit to the podiatrist, but there are other concerns to be aware of as well. For kids, it’s important that they grow and develop normally, which is why pediatric foot care in Wheeling is important. Our podiatrist Anthony Spitz DPM can help when it comes to foot concerns that can affect growing children such as flat feet and much more.

In general, kids should see a number of specialists during their young lives. To make sure that they are developing normally, routine checkups and doctor’s visits can help monitor your child’s growth and overall health. Some kids develop deformities as they get older and foot deformities, as well as other conditions like walking impairments such as pigeon-toeing, can begin to exhibit symptoms as kids learn to walk. Catching conditions early on is important, and doing so can prevent issues from carrying on into adulthood. For parents, it helps to look out for issues such as changes in the wear of your child’s shoes, complaints about walking, change in general coordination, falling or fatigue, or even an unwillingness to participate in activities they usually enjoy such as running or playing. These could all be early signs of flat feet, which can affect arch support and overall comfort of the feet. With comprehensive pediatric foot care in Wheeling, Dr. Spitz can identify deformities and other issues early on, providing care in the form of therapy, shoe inserts, orthotics, leg braces and more.

Our offices are open five days a week, and we are open as late as 7pm on Mondays to better accommodate our patients’ schedules. If you have any foot related concerns or are interested in pediatric foot care in Wheeling for your child, then call us today to set up your visit with Anthony Spitz DPM.

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