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Flat Feet Treatment Buffalo Grove

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Treating Flat Feet In Buffalo Grove

Flat Feet Treatment Buffalo Grove
Flat Feet Treatment Buffalo Grove

If you have flat feet and you’re experiencing problems because of them, we at the office of Anthony Spitz DPM have the answers for you. Any type of discomfort that relates to your feet or ankles should be addressed by our podiatrist.

What exactly is the definition of flat feet? In a clinical sense, it means when your arch is lowered or flattened. The arch runs lengthwise across the sole of your foot. Flat feet may be an inherited condition. Or It can be a complication of stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or the result of a foot injury. Still other people have no underlying cause. There are risk factors, though, among which are sudden weight gain, and spending significant time standing, walking, running, or jumping. Our flat feet treatment Buffalo Grove begins with a visit to our office for an examination. Our podiatrist will check your feet and make a diagnosis and evaluation of the situation. Our flat feet treatment Buffalo Grove can include options such as orthotics, stretching exercises, and also lifestyle adjustments. Getting new shoes that are more supportive and comfortable can make a big difference. Generic orthotics are sold over-the-counter, but we’re pleased to offer custom made ones that are designed precisely to fit you and to improve your specific condition. As such, they are considerably more effective and provide faster relief than those you can get off of a store shelf. Surgery can also offer impressive results, but for many patients will not be necessary. The goal, of course, is to identify and implement the method that will bring your the quickest relief with the greatest ease possible.

In order to take advantage of our flat feet treatment Buffalo Grove, contact our office and let us schedule you for a convenient appointment to see our podiatrist.

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