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Bunions Wheeling

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Treating bunions in Wheeling

Bunions Wheeling
Bunions Wheeling

If you have bunions, you may find it difficult to walk for any length of time without experiencing foot pain. It is also probably difficult for you to find shoes that fit, and that are comfortable. If your feet are painful due to bunions, you will want to come to our podiatry practice, Anthony Spitz DPM. At our foot care practice, Dr. Anthony Spitz, our top-notch podiatrist can effectively treat your bunions Wheeling.

Some people have bunions their entire lives, and are never particularly bothered by them. They may grow to a certain extent and then stop, and never really cause any foot problems or pain. However, for other people, bunions can become quite painful and become quite enlarged. Our foot doctor will examine your bunions Wheeling, and let you know which type of treatment will work best for you. Sometimes minimally invasive surgery can be done at our office to treat your bunions. This type of surgery only uses a small incision and involves less bleeding, less pain and less rehabilitation time. Our patients are provided with local anesthesia as an effective pain control method. Bunions are one of the foot problems that commonly can be fixed with surgery. Other foot problems that are treated with minimally invasive surgery may be hammertoes, heel spurs, or flat feet. Sometimes bunions can simply be treated by our foot doctor providing custom orthotics for the patient. The orthotics will relieve pressure on the foot, correct an irregular walking pattern, and thus keep the bunion from getting larger. It will also keep the patient from experiencing pain from the bunion. When a patient has bunion pain, they have a misaligned big toe joint that has become swollen and tender. After our doctor examines your bunion, he will discuss treatment options with you and together you can come up with the best treatment plan to fit your particular situation.

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