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Flat Feet Causes and Treatments in Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove Podiatry Office
Buffalo Grove Podiatry Office

Flat feet may not cause any symptoms in some cases, but they can also be responsible for considerable pain and difficulties. At the office of Anthony Spitz DPM, our goal is to make sure that you know the causes of flat feet, and what can be done about them.

Some people inherit flat feet, but it can also be caused by diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or a stroke. What happens is that your arch becomes lowered or flattened. There are risk factors that you should be aware of, too. Foot injuries, excess weight, ill-fitting footwear, a change in your work environment, and spending extended periods of time on your feet can all contribute. Even if you don’t have pain right now, it’s a good idea to visit our Buffalo Grove podiatry office for an evaluation. Being proactive today can prevent problems tomorrow and in the future. If you wait until the pain starts, you can find yourself unable to do the things that are part of your daily routine, including working. Unlike with hand pain, foot pain is hard to escape. You have to stand and walk at least some of the time. Our Buffalo Grove podiatry office recommends that you get the most comfortable and supportive footwear you can find for starters.Treatments can range for simply using custom orthotics to shoe modifications, braces, and even reconstructive foot surgery. It is always the goal of our podiatrist to identify and implement the simplest form of treatment that will produce the desired results. In the worst case scenario, a team of experts can be assembled to ensure the best possible experience for you in spite of flat feet.

Why not set up an appointment with our Buffalo Grove podiatry office right now? Flat feet are best not ignored, especially if you are having difficulties right now because of them.

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