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Buffalo Grove Heel Pain

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Heel pain treatments in Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove heel pain
Buffalo Grove heel pain

Diagnosing heel pain is our specialty at the offices of Anthony Spitz, DPM. Because Buffalo Grove heel pain can be debilitating, and can also branch off to foot and ankle pain, we aim to diagnose and treat symptoms quickly and efficiently. Heel pain can stem from foot abnormalities causing pressure on the foot such as hammertoe or flat feet. Bunions can also cause heel pain. Bunions cause the joint of the toe to turn inwards and may also cause problems while wearing shoes and walking. Those with severe bunions can have orthotic shoes made for them to ease the pain.

Buffalo Grove heel pain can be treated with orthotics or prescription shoes. Heel pain treatment Lower East Side is done in our offices, and the goal is to treat the pain as quickly as possible and have the patient walking again so they can go back to their normal everyday activities. We also provide patients with diabetic foot care. Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by high blood sugar. If it is not controlled and kept at healthy levels, it may damage the organs and immune system. Early detection is key in helping the disease stay manageable. Properly fitted shoes can be worn to lessen the risk of diabetic foot problems and infection. Because diabetes can damage the nervous system, the sufferer may lose sensation in the foot and be unable to feel the foot properly. This can lead to infection or sores.

You don’t have to live with Buffalo Grove heel pain. Call today to find out more about how we can help treat your heel pain with a variety of non-invasive treatments such as anti-inflammatory medicine, ice packs, stretching or foot orthotics. We also recommend physical therapy for those who suffer from heel pain.

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